Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego
Goal: Combine the use of conventional stop-motion and tmelapse techniques with a Bolex H16 camera.
A short film shot on location in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, California. Produced for MAR 313-Experimental Cinema Practices at the University of Arizona.

Special thanks to Ben Oman for the color grading inspiration!
Camera: Bolex H16
Lab Processing: Alpha Cine Seattle
Edited in: Final Cut Pro 7
Color Graded: Apple Color
Music: Manhatta - Cinematic Orchestra
Mr. Chen, Sailmaker - Port Blue.
Love, 2B
Shot on a Canon 7D, edited in Final Cut Studio
Circular Disturbance
Shot on a Canon 7D, edited in Final Cut Studio
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Keith Wagner is a filmmaker based out of Tucson, Arizona with years of filmmaking experience. He has gained practical knowledge of many different industry components by working in a variety of fields ranging from project development through distribution.

Wagner started his career in 2007 making films in his high school’s beginning film & television class, [cdstv]. He rose up through the ranks and by his senior year, was the host and producer of a weekly sports show CDSPN among other series. Through these early films he gained basic comprehensive media production skills. Wagner’s final film “Arizona Education Crisis” gained 25,000 views in its first week with a select portion gaining over 350,000 views after being featured on’s front page.

After high school, Wagner was accepted into the University of Arizona’s College of Fine Arts program as a Media Arts major. At the tail end of his Freshman year, Wagner was hired as a Video Assistant for the Arizona Student Unions. After immersing himself in media production, Wagner was accepted into the highly competitive Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Film and Television Production cohort in the fall of 2011.

Wagner’s hard work paid off in February 2012 when he and his coworkers were awarded three Gold Addys by the American Advertising Federation. Wagner’s employer, Student Affairs Marketing, went on to capture a total of six Gold, one Silver and three Bronze Addys including the coveted “Best in Show” award.

Keith Wagner was recently promoted to Video Lead and is still employed by Student Affairs Marketing at the University of Arizona. When not on-the-clock, Wagner works on creating short films, documentaries, astro-timelapses, and wedding films. Wagner is also an avid cyclist and aspires to shoot film on every continent.

Jobs and Roles

  • Transitions (documentary, 2013)
  • SALT: Student Profiles (mini-documentaries, 2012)
  • Transitions (documentary, 2013)
  • The Application (short, 2013)
First/Second-Assistant Director
  • The Usual Mess (short, 2013)
  • Half-Off (short, 2013)
  • Bear Down (national commercial, 2012)
  • Coin Toss (commercial, 2012)
  • Clarity (long-form commercial, 2012)
  • Take15 (long-form commercial, 2013)
  • Brick by Brick (national commercial, 2013)
  • Videographer
  • Get In the Know (webseries, 2011-2013)
  • Spaces, Places, Faces (webseries, 2011-2013)
  • Get-In-Guide (mini-documentaries, 3013)
  • LaBar-Hoffman Wedding (wedding film, 2012)
  • Messacar-Rogatchev Wedding (wedding film, 2013)
University of Arizona based Clients:
  • Pride Alliance
  • Transfer Student Center
  • University of Arizona Admissions
  • Veterans Education and Transition Services
  • Arizona Student Unions
  • Division of Student Affairs,
  • University of Arizona BookStores
  • Strategic Learning Alternatives Center
  • Scholarship Universe
  • UA Honors College
  • WEPA
  • Residence Life
Independent Clients
  • Sister Cities International
  • Hope for Humanity Inc.
  • Wingspan
  • Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation